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Informal care home

Everyone wants to live as long as possible in their own environment. Even if it becomes more difficult, for health reasons. It is therefore interesting to set up a living space in the garden or in the immediate surroundings of the informal carer. DMCONSTRUCT is realizing this faster than you might think. We provide quality, creative, informal care accommodation. In cooperation with the informal care specialist PasAan, we have developed a home with various equipment and flexible means, making it possible to alleviate the burden of care providers and informal carers, and above all, adapted to the dependent of care.


DMCONSTRUCT informal care home is a mobile housing unit, suitable for people dependent on care who can adapt their environment. These accommodations are designed for the elderly who can no longer live without adapted care, but who cannot integrate nursing homes. In addition, these accommodations are particularly suitable for parents of disabled children.

DMCONSTRUCT manufactures informal care accommodation in its factory in advance, in order to minimize nuisance on site. As soon as the accommodation is ready, we transport it there. The installation of informal care housing therefore takes only one or two days. DMCONSTRUCT informal care homes are fully flexible. As soon as the housing is no longer needed, it can be removed just as easily.


Each informal care home can be customized to the resident's specific housing and care needs. You can choose from a very wide range of colors, finish levels and materials. We understand that it is especially important for a person to feel good at home. The accommodation has a large living room with an open-plan kitchen, a bedroom and a large bathroom and is equipped with all comforts. And, if the demand for care increases, you can quickly adapt the layout and equipment. This one-of-a-kind solution from DMCONSTRUCT enables people with disabilities to live independently longer, without compromising their privacy.


Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right accommodation for your informal care. We take into account the desired duration of use, your specific desires and care requirements. We support you throughout the process, during design, operation and maintenance. DMCONSTRUCT is therefore a full service provider, providing accommodation suitable for informal care.


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