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Flexible construction

Buildings don't have to remain unused. We live in a dynamic world. A world of ever-changing homes, workplaces and lifestyles. A world in which we search for personal happiness and space to develop as individuals. A world in which sustainability is no longer just about materials. A world where access is more important than ownership. A world that allows you to do what you want, where you want and when you want. Can we afford to continue creating static constructions in this dynamic new world?


In this high-paced, dynamic society, it makes a lot more sense to define the lifespan of a building by the period of time it is needed. The time it takes to fulfil its purpose. This vision is the foundation for the flexible solutions developed by De Meeuw. Giving people the space they need, when they need it. The solution is based on your individual aims, number of occupants, comfort levels and design. But it can also be expanded or reduced. Or adjusted to fit a new situation. If buildings are no longer needed, they can be relocated to an alternative area or returned to us in part or in full.


Flexible construction is not an approach for De Meeuw, it is our vision. A vision where unused spaces are a thing of the past and where buildings can be converted and reused where most necessary. We are the leaders in efficient and reliable flexible construction. The possibilities are endless. Endless in a literal sense, as it is impossible to fully comprehend all the available options. And endless in a figurative sense, as De Meeuw continues to push forward with new innovations.