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DM Construct creates room for the future

For a revolution in construction

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DM Construct offers more than temporary construction

Sustainable & circulair

Time is running out. Our planet and society demand a fundamentally different approach to construction. An approach that puts less burden on our environment through less material consumption and less CO2 emissions. But also an approach that responds to our dynamic society in which circumstances, needs and wishes are constantly changing. It is high time for future-proof building. For the preservation of our earth but also for a pleasant, comfortable living, working and living environment. Always and everywhere.

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Configure your temporary building yourself with our configurators

Latest projects

From hospitals to public housing. From educational institutions to train stations or government buildings. De Meeuw delivers custom work with a vision. A vision where flexible building is a requirement.

Thanks to our years of experience, we have already created a lot of spaces, as you can see. Spaces where reusability and adaptability formed the basis. Always with its own identity and interpretation. The possibilities are endless!

We build toward the future

DM CONSTRUCT builds toward the future. Its focus on sustainability reaches far beyond just materials and 'zero-energy'. True sustainability means that an area can simply be picked up and placed in another location where it can enjoy a better chance of success. Or that buildings can be completely revitalised and used for an entirely different purpose with just a few simple adjustments.

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