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De Meeuw offers custom-made solutions for all of your construction requirements. Long service life, value for money and comfort are top priorities in all of our solutions. De Meeuw is no different from conventional construction in this respect. Our key difference lies in our short development time, speed of construction, customisation options and the transient nature of our solutions. We look forward to every challenge. You can count on our innovative construction system, designed by our engineers for sustainability and customised to suit your requirements. Making ongoing improvements to our construction systems is an essential requirement for meeting the quality standards that De Meeuw sets for its buildings.


Research shows that well-ventilated rooms increase occupant comfort and reduce absenteeism due to sickness. De Meeuw goes beyond building regulation requirements when it comes to climate control. De Meeuw’s well-ventilated buildings are a breath of fresh air for comfortable working environments. After all, it's important for everyone to feel at their best. Good interior climate control is a positive contribution to comfort.


The acoustics in a room are important. A hollow-sounding room can lead to unnecessarily high noise levels and an unpleasant working and living environment. Having to raise your voice in order to be clearly understood can be frustrating. De Meeuw understands the art of creating a pleasant working environment. Our construction methods eliminate contact noise and minimise noise disturbance from other rooms. And excellent acoustics are the result.