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Education & Government

Education never stands still. Every single day is unique. That affects not only the number of facilities needed for the total number of students enrolled, but also what kind of facilities are necessary. Dynamic education requires dynamic buildings. The versatility of De Meeuw constructions creates room for the dynamics of education.



Alternating inflow and outflow, a merger or educational innovation? Education is constantly changing. DMCONSTRUCT closely follows all developments in this sector and offers high-quality, flexible and suitable spaces for the housing of your school. Our solutions fit seamlessly with changing housing requirements. DMCONSTRUCT ensures that your school building can grow with the educational organization. Permanent...

Emergency classrooms

Need the right space? No Worries!Looking for additional space to fit your school's expanding needs or as a result of a disaster? You can count on DMCONSTRUCT's fast deliveries and installations, on demand from our available stock. The most popular choices for emergency classrooms are listed below. Or create your own emergency classroom! The price...


A STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT The right space for childcare starts at DMCONSTRUCT. Easy to adapt to the number of children. Permanent expansion, temporary shrinking and even moving are possible. The children come into their own in a stimulating environment where they can play, sleep, eat and learn.SPACE FOR GOOD DEVELOPMENT DMCONSTRUCT builds and designs the nursery...
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School care

With DMCONSTRUCT's Schoolcare box, you opt for a stimulating, sustainable and award-winning space. The Schoolcare box is a practical and temporary building that is placed next to a school, for example. Thanks to a flexible structure, you can effortlessly expand the Schoolcare, (temporarily) reduse and even move. So you can accommodate as many children as...

Community school

The right space for a community school starts at DMCONSTRUCT. Easy to adapt to the number of children. Permanent expansion, temporary shrinking and even moving are possible. The children come into their own in a stimulating environment where they can play, sleep, eat and learn.

Government & Defense


If you are going to renovate a station, it is necessary to keep receiving travelers. It is also important to reopen the station as soon as possible in the event of emergencies such as fire or water damage. DMCONSTRUCT offers high-quality and suitable solutions for temporary station facilities, such as shops and offices. Very quickly...
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Rescue post

ROOM FOR A SAFE DAY AT SEADMCONSTRUCT has a removable rescue post. Lifeguards have contributed their own thoughts on the operational requirements of this rescue post. The result: a highly visible solution that has been thought out in detail. The post is easy to disassemble and store and, above all, offers optimum comfort to all...
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Explosion proof buildings

An explosive work environment carries unavoidable risks. DMCONSTRUCT enables you to guarantee the safety of your staff with an explosion-proof building. Employees who have their (office) housing in the immediate surroundings of chemical plants or refineries, for example, must be protected against the pressure waves that follow an explosion. Especially strict building requirements have been...

Youth center

Looking for a pleasant meeting place where young people can come together? With the Mobile Youth Center (MYC), DMCONSTRUCT is the only provider in the Netherlands to meet this need. The MYC is an attractive investment for communities, because it is suitable to set up and expand, can be realized quickly and can be moved...
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Polling place

ROOM FOR DEMOCRACY DMCONSTRUCT offers solutions that match your wishes and suit the available budget. Our building systems offer the possibility to set up a temporary facility completely flexible. A wide variety of standard types, sizes and designs give the freedom to create a custom polling station. Our polling stations are available from stock and...
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Office units for Government and Defense

ROOM TO DO BUSINESS Nothing is more frustrating than an office unit that doesn't match your company's needs. That's why DMCONSTRUCT creates room to do business with its flexible office units that fit perfectly to your business needs. Our temporary and permanent office spaces allow you to quickly solve any capacity problems - whether for...

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