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Offices & Commercial spaces

Offices & Commercial spaces

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Are you looking for a temporary extension of your office space? Then you've come to the right place. We deliver and install quickly; directly from stock. Above you will find the most chosen office spaces. You can also put it together yourself. You immediately know where you stand!ROOM FOR A HEALTHY WORK AND LIVING ENVIRONMENTDMCONSTRUCT...
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Office unit

Office spaces at DMCONSTRUCT are custom-made. The specific wishes and requirements of your company are our starting point. We recommend our representative standard solutions for a shorter period. Do not be fooled by the word "standard" because the possibilities are enormous. A seamless connection to existing buildings, a detached unit, an extra floor, high or...
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Porter's lodge

DMCONSTRUCT is used to delivering porter lodges and other buildings in the short term. Our industrial production process contributes to a shortened construction time of up to 50% compared to traditional construction. This allows you to use a temporary or permanent porter's lodge much faster and the nuisance is kept to a minimum. A porter's...
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Information center

Your information center is a business card for visitors. The accommodation must provide sufficient space for all desired functions. This is how visitors come to report to collect information. You want to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. In addition, an instruction room, any office spaces and a model or exhibition space are indispensable. DMCONSTRUCT offers...

Bank building

Are you looking for a high-quality and safe solution for housing your bank or ATM? DMCONSTRUCT's housing solutions allow you to quickly create a complete bank building. Permanent or temporary expansion, downsizing and even moving your bank building are also possible. Housing solutions for DMCONSTRUCT bank buildings are customized.
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Temporary retail space

Looking for a temporary retail space because you are going to renovate? Or maybe you are urgently looking for replacement retail space after fire or water damage? DMCONSTRUCT can quickly set up a store, so you can open your store as soon as possible for customers. PLEASANT TEMPORARY SHOPPING AREA FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS For the...
Impressie Hotel Jansen


Just as the wishes of your guests are central to your hotel, DMCONSTRUCT offers you hotel space that meets all your wishes and requirements. The possibilities are enormous. You can opt for the (temporary) extension of extra rooms, a new wing or a complete turnkey concept whereby DMCONSTRUCT also arranges the interior design of the...