DEMEEUW offers room

The ability to develop as an individual is an essential part of finding happiness. This requires space. DEMEEUW can offer you the room you need. Both literally and figuratively. With inspiring concepts. And complete reusability as the foundation of our vision.

We look beyond. And understand that access is more important than ownership. We create room for inspiration. Create room for development. Create room for the future. 


DEMEEUW builds toward the future

The focus of its vision sustainability is not only on materials or achieving 'zero-energy'. True sustainability means that an area can simply be picked up and placed in another location where it can enjoy a better chance of success. Or that buildings can be completely revitalised and used for an entirely different purpose with just a few simple adjustments.

DEMEEUW also creates room for:

For more information, please contact one of our DEMEEUW representatives. You can call the number below, or send us an email.

+31 (0)499 572 024