Rennovation requires new location

Building works on various care and nursing homes in the Eindhoven region have created the need for alternative accommodation during this period. SVVE De Archipel, Eindhoven's foundation for nursing and care, commissioned DEMEEUW for the new build of the Orangerie.

The Orangerie is approximately 15,000m2 in size. The ground floor hosts the main entrance with a shop, hairdresser, recreation area, facilities management and group accommodation for 90 psychogeriatric patients. The first and second floors contain the day centre, treatment centre and 90, 45m2 apartments with a large bathroom, kitchenette and separate bedroom.

The accommodation has been composed according to DEMEEUW's turnkey building concept for care institutions, which is based on the principle of 'reversible building': nursing and care spaces can be quickly transformed into one or the other depending on the current need.

Project Details

De Orangerie

Archipel Zorggroep




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Please contact Karlijn Geurts - Pingen. She can tell you all about the details of the Orangerie.

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