Shock waves

Buildings and constructions located in the vicinity of any activity that entails a risk of explosion must be resistant to the shock waves that explosions create. In early 2011, DEMEEUW delivered a 4,800m2 contractor building close to the BP refinery in Rotterdam.

260 Units

The building consists of 260 units, in turn containing various office blocks, a long connecting corridor and two changing- and washrooms with no less than 1,200 metal lockers, as well as a hall that is used as the canteen.


BP Rotterdam

BP Rotterdam




In addition to meeting the strict building standards, the building plans also needed to be achievable within the space of six months - from the award of the project to its use. DEMEEUW won the project at the end of July 2010; the design was completed by the end of September and the first units were put in place by November. The building was in commission by March 2011.

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