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Small-scale living

Do you want to continue living independently despite health restrictions? The right small-scale form of living offers clients such as people with disabilities, elderly people with dementia or people with mental disorders a safe and familiar home. DMCONSTRUCT offers high-quality forms of living that meet all requirements and create an optimal balance between privacy and the social character of assisted living.


Of course, the residents have their own (bed)room. At the same time, you enjoy the comfort and convenience of a common living room and a shared kitchen. DMCONSTRUCT offers a form of living consisting of various elements such as rooms, sanitary facilities, living rooms, kitchens and, if necessary, offices. Based on your wishes, we design a suitable division. The strength lies in the simple connection of several forms of living, which enables numerous combinations.


Mental health care supports clients of all ages with a wide variety of clinical pictures and mental disorders. The safety of the home furnishings is an important prerequisite. That is why we supply high-quality fittings, video surveillance, specially secured rooms, neutral furnishings and a low-stimulus environment. At DMCONSTRUCT, you can easily adapt the form of living to the possibilities and restrictions of the residents.


People with a mental or physical disability need a suitable apartment. A familiar, family atmosphere in which the residents feel at home plays an important role for them. DMCONSTRUCT offers comfortable, functional and above all pleasant apartments with a high level of equipment. Building automation and technical support ensure safe and efficient maintenance. Wide corridors, barrier-free entrance areas, a variable division and the right number of square meters ensure maximum freedom of movement for residents.


Would you like to find out more about the small-scale living arrangements from DMCONSTRUCT? Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the best form of living in your situation. We take into account the useful life of the form of living in combination with all special requests and requirements. Our flexible forms of living cover your entire needs and are quickly ready for use. We support you in the entire project: from design to operation and maintenance. This makes us an ideal full-service provider for small-scale living.


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