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If you are going to renovate a station, it is necessary to keep receiving travelers. It is also important to reopen the station as soon as possible in the event of emergencies such as fire or water damage. DMCONSTRUCT offers high-quality and suitable solutions for temporary station facilities, such as shops and offices. Very quickly deployable and the employees of DMCONSTRUCT are also familiar with working near the railway. It is not without reason that we are the preferred supplier of ProRail and NS.


Whether it concerns an extra station shop for a few weeks or a total solution for a station that must remain open during a large-scale renovation. DMCONSTRUCT
has a solution for every housing issue. With a wide choice in color use, finish level and material application. The facilities for retail, counters and escalators to the platforms are also included in the design. This way you can be sure that the station location has the appearance you want. Because we understand how important it is that the station is realized quickly and completely.

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Curious about the unprecedented possibilities of flexible building with DMCONSTRUCT? Then contact one of our specialists directly.