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Explosion proof buildings

An explosive work environment carries unavoidable risks. DMCONSTRUCT enables you to guarantee the safety of your staff with an explosion-proof building. Employees who have their (office) housing in the immediate surroundings of chemical plants or refineries, for example, must be protected against the pressure waves that follow an explosion. Especially strict building requirements have been drawn up for this. The requirements that structures must meet depend on the calculation of the force of the pressure wave following an explosion. In the design phase, it is calculated how many millibars the pressure wave is at different distances from the source and how long this pressure on a facade can last. The facade of the building must be able to withstand this pressure. It goes without saying that this has consequences for the construction of the building. Thanks to the expertise of DMCONSTRUCT, you are guaranteed a safe space that also meets the particularly strict requirements of the Building Decree.


DMCONSTRUCT's explosion-proof buildings consist of a construction of a concrete floor with a steel skeleton and wooden facade elements. These units are particularly suitable for an explosive environment due to their small span that provides extra strength and high spring stiffness. DMCONSTRUCT makes room for safety by optimizing the construction of an explosion-proof building so that it can withstand the relevant number of millibars of pressure wave. Connections are reinforced and glass is placed in the frames in a specific way. Our experienced manufacturers can perform the required pressure wave calculations with precision within a day.


An explosion-proof building by DMCONSTRUCT can be designed and realized very quickly because it consists of flexible units. In addition, due to the modular system, the building can be moved over time. This is an important advantage for changes in site conditions and offers a high degree of flexibility. The service department of DMCONSTRUCT offers you the certainty that all rooms remain in optimal condition during the entire period of use.


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