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Office units for Construction and Industry

Nothing is more annoying than an office unit that does not suit your company well. That is why DMCONSTRUCT makes space to do business with flexible office units that perfectly match your work needs. With our temporary and permanent office spaces, you can respond quickly to capacity problems, both in terms of growth and downsizing, while ensuring the progress of all work processes. Quality is paramount and the possibilities are unprecedented.


Office spaces at DMCONSTRUCT are custom-made. The specific wishes and requirements of your company are our starting point. We recommend our representative standard solutions for a shorter period. Do not be fooled by the word "standard" because the possibilities are enormous. A seamless connection to existing buildings, a detached unit, an extra floor, high or low-rise buildings. The choice is yours. Do you want a large hall, office garden or a corridor with separate office spaces? Together we choose the best option. If you need office space for a longer period, DMCONSTRUCT also offers a very wide choice in terms of use of color, finish level and material application.


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Curious about the unprecedented possibilities of flexible building with DMCONSTRUCT? Then contact one of our specialists directly.