Flexible and multifunctional healthcare centres

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for specialists from a variety of fields to work together under one roof to more effectively meet patient healthcare needs. Alongside housing and healthcare, this can include meals, cleaning services, excursions, exercise programmes and hairdressing. DEMEEUW’s high-quality solutions for healthcare centres allows you to quickly and easily create just the right amount of space for any healthcare service you provide. 

DEMEEUW creates room for customised solutions

Do you work with a variety of specialists under one roof? Multi-functional and flexible designs are essential for all DEMEEUW rooms, whether for temporary or permanent use. Individual rooms such as treatment rooms or consultation rooms can be given a functional makeover in no time. Hygiene and privacy are guaranteed. The coverings used for walls, floors and ceilings are both hygienic and noise-reducing. DEMEEUW offers you a wide range of possibilities in terms of colour, quality of finish and materials. Ensuring that your healthcare centre meets all of your requests, requirements and preferences.

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The advantages

  • Quick access to just the right space
  • Optimised conditions for specialists working together under one roof
  • Architectural design
  • A focus on multi-functional design, hygiene and privacy
  • A complete building solution, equipped with installations, lighting and toilet facilities
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Flexible payment options

Support throughout the entire process

Our specialists are happy to advise you on the perfect solution for your individual situation. We consider both the period of use for the healthcare centre as well as any specific needs and requirements. We support you throughout the entire process, from design to operation and maintenance. That's what makes DEMEEUW your full service provider of customised healthcare centre solutions.

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Interested in the endless possibilities that DEMEEUW has to offer for healthcare centres? Please contact one of our specialists directly. 

DEMEEUW also creates room for:

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