Blast-resistant units from DEMEEUW

An explosive environment involves inevitable risk. DEMEEUW blast-resistant units allow you to ensure a safe work environment for your employees. Employees living or working in the immediate proximity of areas such as chemical plants or refineries must be provided with indoor protection against the pressure waves that follow a potential explosion. Rigorous building requirements have been established for this. The requirements buildings have to meet depend on the calculated pressure wave power following an explosion. In the design phase, calculations include the force of the pressure wave in millibars at different distances from the source as well as how long a façade can be subjected to the pressure. The façade of the building must be able to withstand this pressure. This has clear consequences for the structure of the building. Thanks to the expertise of DEMEEUW, you are guaranteed a safe solution that complies with the rigorous requirements of Deltalinqs and the Dutch Building Decree.

DEMEEUW creates room for safety

DEMEEUW’s blast-resistant units are composed of a concrete floor and steel frame construction with wooden façade elements. These units are particularly suitable for explosive environments due to their limited span, providing extra strength and high rigidity. DEMEEUW creates room for safety by optimising the construction of its blast-resistant units, ensuring that they are able to withstand the pressure. All connections are reinforced and a special approach is taken for placing glass into the window frames. Our experienced engineers are able to perform precise pressure wave calculations in just one day.

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Fast, affordable and portable

Blast-resistant units from DEMEEUWcan be quickly designed and created thanks to the use of flexible units. The modular system solution makes it possible to relocate the building itself. This immense flexibility is an important advantage for changing on-site circumstances. DEMEEUW’s service department ensures that your building remains in optimum condition throughout the entire occupancy period.

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