Nothing is as dynamic as business. Changing capacities, adapting markets and client demands for innovative approaches. Business have to keep up with the changing pace. A new office space, an extra floor or even a reduction in capacity. The possibilities are endless with DEMEEUW

Room for the future

Improved work processes are always a top priority. Comfort, functionality and acoustics are important design considerations regardless of whether your office extension is temporary or permanent. DEMEEUW creates room for all of the requirements and needs of modern business. From design to operation and maintenance. Versatile spaces that always meet your needs, be it an expansion of an office building or a temporary shop front.

More than just a workplace

Our architects create high-quality, creative solutions based on your individual functional requirements. DEMEEUW offers you a unique, customised solution. From simple expansions to completely new constructions, from small-scale to large-scale projects. 

DEMEEUW also creates room for:

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